Local YouTubers’ Summer Makeup Inspirations


Everyone loves a good-looking tan now that our beach days are well with us. Having an even tan makes our skin glow and makes us look fresh and rejuvenated. Who needs lots of makeup when you already look fab au naturelle? Subtle makeup is the way to go when you have a tan or sun kissed skin to show off. Here are some of our favourite subtle and natural makeup looks, from our local makeup youtubers, we are pretty sure you will love. 

Mariah Morgan

This video features an original location to shoot a make-up tutorial and is located in no other than Ghadira Bay. The talented Mariah, created a natural, ‘no make- up, makeup look’, which is so cute and is ideal for everyday wear or even for a casual BBQ gathering with friends and family.


For a natural but sultrier look, Henry’s inspiring video has got you covered. This makeup look focuses on keeping it natural on the eyelid, but smoking sexy on the lower lash line with a gorgeous green shadow. 


For a glowing summer look, check out KezziesCorner’s make-up tutorial. She created a simple yet radiant natural eye shadow colour in addition to some gorgeous shimmer in the middle of the eye to make the look pop.

Smashing Darling x

This striking summery smokey eye makes us crave a date night just to try it out and show it off. From natural matte lip tones, to natural terracotta eyeshadow blend, and a seductive silver-green eyeshadow to give a bolder look.

If you feel inspired to try these stunning makeup looks out, here are some gadgets to help support your make-up effort.