Local Tech Store Signs Agreement With Malta Chamber of Construction Management


Though the Malta Chamber of Construction Management is still in its early stages having formed in March 2021, they’re taking pretty good steps in ensuring their members get their hands on some of the best gadgets around, by signing an agreement with Sound Machine.

How will this help the members?

Sound Machine is the main importer of all things Samsung, which means that members of the Chamber will receive discounts on gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, monitors and more. Getting their hands on the latest tech means that members will be able to execute their jobs better and efficiently.

For the two people signing the agreement, Chamber President Jesmond Chetcuti and Sound Machine CEO Mr Eman Castagna, it goes without saying that the two are thrilled with the opportunity to work together. For Chetcuti and the Chamber, it’s a sign that the good work they’re putting in is being recognised, with another big brand showing its appreciation for the Chamber’s efforts.

For Mr Castagna, he explained that this move is one way of supporting a cause of high importance that’s not just for the benefit of the Chamber of Construction management, but also for the local construction industry and the general public too.