Local Podcasts To Check Out Now!


The podcasting craze has landed in Malta, with new shows popping up regularly. Whether you need something to listen to on public transport or looking for inspiration to cast some pods of your own, here are five local shows we recommend you get started on.

Jon Mallia Podcast

Jon Mallia is Malta’s answer to Marc Maron ( or Joe Rogan without the crackpot conspiracy theories). Undoubtedly the most famous podcast our islands has yet produced, Mallia sits down for in-depth chats with some of the biggest names in Malta, whether it’s political giants like Lawrence Gonzi or pop-culture icons like Freddie Portelli. Mallia always puts out engaging, revealing content.

Ad Lib Podcast

A new podcast for movie lovers, the AdLib podcast features film critic Andrea Gravina chatting with Maltese filmmakers Joe Paolella and Franco Rizzo. They share their opinions on the latest in cinema, TV, and games. 

As Andrea tells us, “the show has a very casual style, whilst still remaining very informative. There’s also quite a bit of humour, especially from Franco, who comes up with the most entertaining of dad jokes and Joe, whose love for Marvel is very evident!

 From who should be the new Superman, to the worst movies of 2022, it’s always fun to listen to.


Taboo, like the title suggests, tackles heavy issues head-on. Produced by Campus FM, the series sees podcaster Sophie Vella use her show to open up dialogue about controversial issues in a sensitive and open-minded manner, allowing others to share their experiences. 

“I hope that through the podcast my listeners will be less scared to reach out for help.” Sophie tells us. “We will only break the taboos in society once they become normalised and accepted in daily conversation.”

Sophie plans to delve into femicide and the injustices facing women in Malta.

Treasures from Malta

This one’s for the culture vultures. Produced by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti ( FPM), Treasures from Malta features conversations with major figures in arts and culture….living treasures, if you will. There’s a wide range of interviewees, including among others,  Luzzu director Alex Camilleri, architect Richard England, and poet Joe Friggieri. 

More Than Friends – A Podcast for Women Who Love Women 

While LGBT rights have come a long way in Malta, it is still a difficult thing for queer women to embrace their sexuality. To help bisexual and lesbian women feel less alone about their situation, More Than Friends’ Diane meets with real-life lesbian couples and delves into their stories: the highs, lows, and anxieties of being openly gay in Malta.