Local Marketing Agency Re-Imagines World-Famous Logos With Maltese Words


The purpose of a logo is to imprint a brand image into your memory, so that whenever you see something remotely close to that picture, you automatically think of that brand. While some are forgettable, there are others that, despite the occasional change, remain forever embedded. Local marketing agency The Growth Bully took three world-leading brands in their respective industries, and added Maltese words…and we love them!

Nice execution…but a missed opportunity!

The first logo is none other than the Prancing Horse itself. It’s as world-renowned as it gets, synonymous with racing titles, Formula One, and luxury sports cars. Here it is, saying “Thank You” in Maltese instead!

However, and we really don’t want to be party poopers, but we’ve got the word “ferrali” (pour for me) in our dictionary, which would have been absolutely perfect! Maybe next time?

Nothing beats this…

Beats by Dre headphones; iconic in style, simple in logo. Malta’s easiest word for “good morning” takes centre stage here, and we’d say it’s pretty fitting too!

Yes? No? Maybe?

If we had to pick an iconic three-letter word that starts with “i”, then “via” is probably the first one that comes to mind, given it needs to replace IBM. Again, for us, it fits neatly.

What we’d like to see next!

Apparently, these are but the first three of a series of posts featuring Maltese buzzwords as logos, and though we’re dying to see what The Growth Bully has planned next, we’ve got some suggestions of our own.

We’re somewhat surprised “mela” didn’t make it onto the list right from the off; maybe it could replace the “Moët” in Moët & Chandon? “Uejja” has got to feature too, replacing “Umbro” possibly, though “Pastizzi” taking the place of “Pringles” could set up the best crossover in marketing history.

Which popular Maltese words would you like to see made into world-famous brands? Tell us in the comments!