Local IT Company Co-Founder Building A Car From Scratch


You’d think the co-founder of one of Malta’s top IT solution company’s would have his hands full, and truth be told, he does. But when it comes to passion and dreams, there’s little that can get in the way of those. Trust us, we know!

What’s he up to?

In a post to Arkafort’s LinkedIn page, Justin Fenech detailed this childhood dream of his. Undertaking the project with a friend of his, “we decided to give life to this childhood dream, and make it happen,” he said. Opting for a Lotus 7 replica, the model is an iconic ’60s car designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman.

We spent hours building the car and thanks to Herman’s practical fabrication skills we are now nearing completion. We are currently installing the electrics, to be followed by the power train – possibly the most exciting part!

After a bit of research and having met two representatives from Great British Sports Cars, the Maltese duo chose a GBS Lotus 7 kit replica, opting for a self-built 2nd gen custom kit. They used Justin’s 1990 Ford Sierra Sapphire for running gear and electrics, a Ford Fiesta ST Duratec 2.0 HE engine, with a rear-wheel-drive Mazda MX5 NC box delivering power to the rear Sierra differential, upgraded with Quaife LSD.

Next step? As mentioned above, it’s time to add power – and we’re eagerly awaiting more updates!