Local Hair Salon’s New Tech Will Revolutionise Consultations 💇


Your salon experience is about to take a turn for the amazing, thanks to a hand-held gadget and an app that will scan your hair and tell both you and your stylist all you need to know about it! And with Dean Gera Salons being the first and only salon in Malta to get their hands on this tech, here’s why it’s so great.

Scanning the structure

The device allows the stylist to scan the inside of the hair structure, using near-infrared tech. This gives the most detailed and personalised data achievable to date. Hair-raising stuff, right?

IG_product launch.png

Powered by the SalonLab App via Schwarzkopf, the app guides the stylist and client through the consultation and analysis process. This way, hairdresser expertise is combined with data-driven insights, providing a truly personalized consultation, even recommending specific products for each client’s type of hair.

No corners cut & completely unbiased

Speaking with Dean Gera himself about the product, it’s easy to see the benefits of the device, but Gera was there when it was first revealed. “I was at Henkel HQ in Hamburg for a seminar when they showed what they had been working on”. Explaining to those present the various research, testing and product refinement stages, Henkel confirmed one thing that Gera already knew.

“When Henkel works on something they don’t cut corners, so with this reveal I knew this was definitely going to be something special,” Gera recounts. Apart from all the pros mentioned above, there’s something else to it that Gera appreciates.

WHO IS DEAN? — Dean Gera Salons

“I love how unbiased it is; it’s not trying to sell you any particular product. It analyzes your hair and combines that data with the needs identified by the stylist and client through the SalonLab app”.

It’s after that process that the client gets a tailor-made range of products that are right for their hair in particular. Gera concludes that “its simplicity is its greatest feature; it’s both easy and quick to use, but because of the hard work done behind the scenes, it gives an absolute treasure trove of information.”

Looking to step up your hair-care regime? Get in touch with Dean Gera Salons and find out exactly what your hair needs!