Local Content Creators On How FB’s & Insta’s New Tools Benefit Everyone


Facebook, and by extension Instagram, recently announced that new tools would soon be introduced to help content creators monetize their output better than before. Gadgets got in touch with Maltese content creators to see what they think.

A quick refresh

If you’ve not got time to read what’s been said, the new tools will include features where creators are matched with brands, and a new marketplace for creators to sell products on behalf of brands directly, and earn a share of the profits. Twitter are testing a “Super Follow” feature, where fans can pay a subscription fee entitling them to exclusive content directly from creators.

Creativity should be paid

“I’m a firm believer that anyone doing anything creative needs to be paid – whether financially or by recognition”, says Christa Boffa. She cites the amount of work that goes behind curating a solid social media presence, and this is welcome news for content creators, both old and new, but especially new.

She explains: “Better integration of e-commerce with social media is a natural course following the acceleration of digital that took place during the pandemic.” Apart from creators, it also simplifies things for businesses – particularly smaller ones. But is she totally convinced by these changes?

“I’m excited to see where that goes”, Christa concludes, “although I really hope it doesn’t turn social media into more of a marketplace than a place in which creators and users share content. We’ll wait and see!”

Great for relationship building

Jurgen, the man behind Gratefulveganguy, is looking forward. “If they help small content creators like myself, it would make things so much better!” Of course, he further explains, there’s more to it. “I dedicate a lot of time to share awareness and valued content, so to see it justly rewarded would mean a lot to me!”

As Christa mentioned, it works for brands too. “With these tools, we can improve the relationships between brands and us content creators. Our work is like any other job and we want to build trustful relationships that go beyond free gifts.” In essence, building a better world for everyone involved.

Making things convenient

For Steffi Venturi, Twitter’s “Super Follow” feature would be the most interesting one. “Getting to see exclusive content from your favourite creators is a great way to support them and help them grow”.

The benefits of a niche market

A relative newcomer to the industry, Michella Scicluna (The Wandering Four) loves the idea of exclusive content provided against payment. “Such a niche market benefits both followers and creators; I personally have no problem sharing them with my followers but I also see how payment against these tips, recipes and so on benefit both parties”.

Her point is that while it’s well and good to ask for guidance, coming up with recipes, searching for locations and other tips all take months to master and plan. Having some form of compensation for that is not too much to ask for, right?

Much-needed additions?

It’s great to see the local contingent of content creators agree that these new tools do much more than benefit them. Getting just reward for their efforts can only mean that they create even better content in the future, which in turn is great for their followers and the brands they work with.