Local Businesses To Benefit From Two New Energy Grants


Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli announced new financial schemes to support local businesses as the country looks to embrace energy efficiency more than ever.

Understanding energy efficiency

Offered by Enterprise Malta, Dalli explained how the measures would work, as these are divided in two. “For the energy auditing scheme, SMEs will receive up to €5,000 to bring in an engineer to draw up an energy efficiency report.”

This report will in turn help businesses better understand where they can improve their energy efficiency. Added to this, there’s an overall investment of €15 million for companies investing in machinery and operations that consume less energy than more traditional machinery.

Funding for up to 50% of these investments are attributed to the companies that apply, but will only become eligible following an energy audit. Dalli also hailed the efforts of various enterprises coming together and support the wider business community.

“The pandemic was a challenging time but from it, there are opportunities to take advantage of, if we’re all pulling one rope,” Dalli said, and “today, through these schemes, we will support companies investing in becoming more energy-efficient and sustainable”.

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