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The Galaxy Buds Pro are looking like market leaders in terms of design, sound quality and price range for earbuds.

Samsung join the tags industry with their very own Galaxy Smart Tags. Paired with the SmartThings Find app, you can keep track of various items. They have a radius of 120m, but the most important thing? Samsung beat Apple to it.

For the Galaxy S21, you have all you need to know in one image.

17:27 That’s a wrap!

That’ll be all from our end, but do tune in once again tomorrow, as we’ll get a more in-detail look at each product. Which was your favourite product? Tell us in the comments!

17:16 Responsibility

Some CSR from Samsung, and it’s all come to a close!

17:09 Car sharing

Heading out of town and want to leave your car to your friend? Share the key with them from phone to phone!

17:06 Smart Things App

From home, to smart car – because once the pandemic is over, we’re heading back to our 4 wheels. Basically, you can start your engine on the way to your car, in case you’re in a rush! Samsung have partnered with Google to really push smart stuff forward!

Select the Welcome Home prompt, which will prepare your home for you. Lights on, garage door opens…

17:04 Smart home time!

16:59 Update

Need a quick update? Check this out.

16:57 S Pen Friendly

Not to mention, there are two new S Pens.

16:56 Intelligent display

Although the refresh rate has increased thus improving viewing experience are pretty much setting the bar, it’s still being done while saving battery usage.

16:53 Phantom Black

That colour name alone makes me want to buy this phone. It stays true at every angle. It’s a black that absorbs almost all light. That my friends, is what we call a bold colour.

16:51 Dynamic Range

16:46 Shot in the dark? No problem

9 pixels are combined into 1 when taking photos in the dark, enhancing natural light. And even when the human eye can barely see, the camera AI will amend the lighting to capture something like this. Also, their zoom game has gotten a massive upgrade.

16:43 Bye-bye DSLR

The 4 lenses mean you get pro-camera quality, in your phone. Check out the specs below. Yes. 108MP sensor.

16:41 Showstopper is here!

The S21 Ultra is being unveiled. Take all of the below, and add more.

16:40 Prices

16:38 One UI 3

This is some next-level stuff. From machine learning to make sure your phone is truly an extension of yourself, it’s super fluid, easy to use, and it comes with an eraser! Literally, if you take a photo and want to remove someone from the background, AI will remove them and fix the background up too!

16:35 Private sharing

New level of security here: Private sharing. Basically, you can set a deadline on photos you share, and they’ll automatically delete from the contacts you shared them with.

16:33 Meet the director

Nice touch this. Director mode will allow you to see previews of what you’re about to record in different video formats, whether tele-view, wide or ultra-wide.

16:31 8K video

No need to choose between video or photos we’re told – that’s how good the video quality is. Also, the AI can help you take photos and videos at the same time with no loss of quality, to make sure you capture all the meaningful moments!

16:28 Upping the portrait game

AI-based face enhancements means selfies and main cameras capture studio-quality portraits. Samsung have also been hard at work for improving camera quality in third-party apps like Insta and Snapchat.

16:26 We knew it!

OK, it didn’t take a fortune teller to guess that the bump would remain, but hey, that’s one feature we guessed! That means the camera is housed in a metal casing for added protection. Also, the screen goes up to 120Hz, beating the iPhone 12’s 60Hz. It’s a tough front glass too, we’re told.

16:22 Power of cinema in your hands

Possibly the metric phones are being measured by (apart from 5G of course), but this camera is a work of art. Make everyday epic, we’re told. With this phone? Probably yeah!

16:19 When in doubt, dog

Classic marketing – if you want people to relate, add a pet. Joking apart, Smart Tags will be available later this month, and help locate anything that might have run away or been misplaced. You can also check with other Smart Tag users to help you out, if they’re nearby! But, we’ll stop here, because the Galaxy S21 is about to appear!

16:16 Price (estimate)

3 colours and an estimated €180-€190 (based on current exchange rate). Always check with trusted suppliers for the final price though. Also, Galaxy Smart Tags have joined the Galaxy family.

16:14 Don’t stop the convo

An inner wind chamber deflects and determines what’s wind and what’s your actual voice. Apart from that, the Ambient Mode detects the vibrations in your voice and a mic will pick up if someone else is talking to you. From there, it lowers the noise cancellation automatically. Noice.

16:10 Two way system

The Buds Pro are designed to enable the best sound experience yet. And this is pretty awesome. Most buds are too small to have woofers and tweeters, like actual speakers. The buds though? They got the full package. They also detect head movement and will shift the noise to make sure you’re always centred.

16:03 Working hard on innovation

Samsung is set to expand even further – every day should be truly epic, we’re told. And we kick it off with the Galaxy Buds Pro. Loving the music vibes chosen for these magic beans.

16:01 We’re off!

Different to Apple’s zooming around Apple Park – this is an unboxing, so it’s elements moving in a box. I like it!

15:56 Before we dig in…

Got a minute before we start? Here’s how Samsung have already wowed the tech world, with more than 40 CES awards. Will the new Galaxy live up to expectations? We’ll see…

15:53 Guesses, guesses

Of course, you can never really tell what’s going to happen, but we’re fairly confident we’ll hit a bullseye or two from this list. December 9th. Seems like a lifetime ago already…

15:48 Remember October?

Back in October there were already plenty of rumours about a January 2021 release, and it seems they were right. Here’s what we knew back then.

15:45 Hello & welcome!

January 14th 2021, a date that’s long been in the calendar for Samsung fans around the world, as we await the Galaxy S21 launch! Before it all begins though, how about a quick recap of what we know so far?