#LightTheSkyMalta to Support Our Frontliners


We’ve all seen the videos and might have witnessed people on our own street getting outside on their balconies, clapping and cheering for those incredible frontliners who are doing their best to keep us all safe. Shamelessly we can add that some of these videos moved us so much that they even brought tears to our eyes. 

A new gesture has been launched to continue to show support for our frontliners is #LightTheSkyMalta who will be shining beams of bright light across the sky from a number of venues across Malta & Gozo. The aim here is to show solidarity as we continue to fight the war against coronavirus and inspire hope amongst our community. 

Unite and light the sky with your mobile phones, flash lights or any source of light available if you are driving by or reside in the surrounding areas. The next event is on 3rd May, 9pm from Saluting Battery, in Valletta.

Let’s thank all those showing solidarity within the community.
Let’s #LightTheSkyMalta