Legit Maltese Answers: When Replies Trump The Post


Social media feeds are abuzz with fresh content, bombarding us with a variety of information that we barely have enough time to absorb. Through Zucker intervention (the digital term for divine intervention), a post will just stand out from the rest. It could have over a thousand comments, or not even a single reaction, but it sticks with you for one reason or another. Searching through our feeds recently, these are our favourite recent posts and comments!

The Funny

There’s plenty of comedy to derive from certain posts that a little bit of research would have eliminated. A couple of days ago someone tried an experiment, by asking in the ever-popular “The Salott”, asking whether Arabic numerals should be forcibly taught at schools. What ensued was a grand display of uninformed comments, but what we wanted to focus on was the humour, and there were some pearlers in there. And a popcorn-eating MJ is the embodiment of anyone sifting through the comments.

The Detailed

Sometimes we ask questions expecting short answers (if any). Occasionally though, someone will go the extra mile (pun intended for the post below). Who knew RUBS could be a source of life advice? Spot on mate.

The Heart-Warming

Amidst the slamming of telecom service providers, bad reviews for some restaurants, counter-arguments and the occasional insult, we sometimes find an anomaly. Call it a glitch in the Matrix, but coming across posts like these warms our fuzzy little heart.

What’s the best post or comment you’ve seen lately? Whether it cracked you up, impressed you or got you thinking, let us know in the comments!