Landfill Is Being Maximised To Avoid Using Virgin Land


As the population grows and waste is on the rise, the current landfill is being exhausted.

Waste Serve and The Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change are currently employing an innovative way to maximise current landfill capacity,

Virgin land has to be untouched at all costs

WasteServ Chief Executive Richard Bilocca clarifies, “one year and a half ago, Wasteserv decided to avoid expropriation of virgin land.”

Malta has seen its virgin lands being expropriated for different commercial or development reasons. Never has virgin land been as valuable as it is today, as its slow decline over many years marks the urgent outcry of the general population to stop altogether the development of massive virgin lands.

In order to do that, the mentioned entities are currently constructing a 70-degree slope retaining wall that is made out of the same waste materials within the landfill. This will increase the landfill capacity by a massive 330,000m³

What can YOU do about this?

The current waste management plan is there to cater to a more circular economy through the reuse and recycle of waste. This means that the increased use of organic and recycle bags is elemental to reach the necessary eco targets.

How to Start Recycling At Home - The Eco Experts

This means avoiding using the black bag at all costs. For example, don’t throw a plastic container in the black bag; just rinse it water and throw it away. The same goes for cans and all recyclable products.

It just needs a moment of thought – and that moment of thought is our personal footprint towards a healthier and a more sustainable society.

Do you take recycling seriously at home or at work? We suggest you do. It’s a small gesture that not only helps our environment but also improves our quality of life.

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