KSU Kicks Off Online Career Expo With PwC Malta!


The University of Malta’s student council KSU, together with PwC Malta, yesterday inaugurated their 2021 Careers Expo, and it’s being held completely online. There’s a ton of opportunities to learn, not just in direct terms of career interviews, but also how to ace your CV.

The perfect CV

Never underestimate the importance of your CV’s appearance and contents, which both matter. Submit yours through the PwC portal on the careers expo website, and PwC will get back to you with suggestions on how to improve your CV.

In good company

You can also tour the various companies taking part in the expo, as if you were walking through the physical stalls on site! The screenshot below shows, for example, the companies related to the arts, humanities and law. Students looking to forge a career in one of these areas need just click on one of the logos…

…where they’ll then be taken to the company’s info page and they can learn more!

Read up

Also on the website are a number of articles from various companies highlighting the different characteristics each industry offers. WasteServ shed light on how green careers are the next big thing; EY speaks of the joy that comes with juggling a career and volunteering; and Deloitte gives tips on how to ace your interview.

Learn from the best

In line with the expo, KSU is also hosting podcasts throughout the month of April. They’ll be chatting with different companies and recent graduates to share tips and experiences, helping students make the most out of their career prospects.

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