The Man Who Brought the Miku Max to Malta – Keith Marshall


We have been itching to try out the Miku Max ever since we heard they were coming to Malta. Recently, we met up with accidental pharmacist, mountaineer, philanthropist, founder of the Kilimanjaro Challenge, and now the man who brought the Miku Max to Malta: Keith Marshall. We spoke to him about what he thinks makes the Miku Max unique.

Why did you choose the Miku Max?

[It’s] Clean, green, sleek, avant-garde and a very different body to the scooters many are accustomed to riding.

Is there anything you would change in the Miku Max?

On the continent. I MAY have added some extra horses to the throttle but for the short commutes that the local ride requires – it’s perfect

How can we solve Matese traffic?

If enough people join this movement, we will collectively throw traffic problems into the past. The more people using electric mobility, the cleaner, quieter and easier our roads will become. Can you imagine a sea of scooters travelling up the regional road? How amazing would that be?

What’s your message to people who refuse to buy scooters or bikes?

Be part of the solution or remain part of the problem. It’s all about choices

How do you envisage traffic in Malta in 2025?

I will have myself believe that two-wheel mobility will take over. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t….we are served with splendid weather for most of the year and commutes are short. This situation should have been addressed many moons ago, let’s make it happen

Miku MaxThe 50km range on a single charge, and 45km/h top speed might not sound like a lot. But for the short everyday commutes that we tend have in Malta, the Miku Max offers enough power and range. Since it’s electric, it’s also silent, also making it great for the smaller towns.

The battery is also incredibly easy to charge, just pop it out the bottom panel, and attach it to it’s charger at home.

Finally, using a large car for a single passenger means that there is a lot of wasted space. It’s no mystery that scooters and motorcycles can help with this. Their smaller size not only helps with traffic, but also with parking. A single car parking space can be occupied by 3 or 4 motorcycles, depending on their size. So you won’t only be helping the environment, but you’re also helping yourself get to where you need to much quicker. Less pollution, less traffic. Everybody wins.

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