Just Launched: €2 Coin That Commemorates Hardships And Heroes


Front liners were the silent warriors in a pandemic that caused massive shifts in all people’s everyday lives. They were the ones who had to work extra shifts, to take extra precautions; with some even having to move away from their family members to avoid contamination.

The nurses, caretakers, and all health officials were the ones facing at first hand all the risks and all the stresses that rigged the cursed 2020. Their efforts were not just appreciated within the local community – but they were commemorated.

One photo speaks a thousand words

Way back in April 2020, a photo of 2 Maltese nurses went viral within hours. The image showed senior staff nurses Doreen Zammit and Charmaine Cauchi embracing each other, with eyes shut tight and wearing full-bodied protective clothing.

The photo which was first published by the Times of Malta is being used in a WHO campaign.

The photo captured an intimate moment of hardship, stress, support, and courage – much-relatable sentiments that spoke a thousand words to all the world who was going through a social, emotional and physical crisis due to the pandemic.

An eternal symbol of gratitude

That is why the image was chosen by WHO (World Health Organisation) to mark the International Year of Nurses and Midwives, a few weeks later.

But most importantly, that is why the image was chosen as a €2 coin visual to pay tribute to all heroes of the pandemic – as it had been later announced by banking chief officer Jesmond Gatt.

Commemorative coin final stages

We have talked to Charmaine Cauchi, one of the Senior Nurses in the photo. She tells us, “this coin is a symbol of the healthcare workers who faced this virus in a brave way and represents our Maltese island in the covid 19 pandemic.”

The faces of the new heroes €2 coin - Oh My Malta
Charmaine Cauchi & Doreen Zammit

The coin has been launched on the 29th of July 2021 and has been designed by Italian artist Maria Anna Frisone.

Appreciation is at the heart of what we all do. So a big thank you goes to all of our front liners for their invaluable work.