It’s hot, you open the fridge, no cold water again? #problemsolved


It’s a hot summer afternoon. You reach out into the fridge desperate for some cold water. Only to find you forgot to chill your water bottle and there’s no cold water. With a reverse osmosis system, you never have to worry about forgetting to chill your bottled water again.  


Saves you money

We’re always looking for ways of reducing our spending. With a reverse osmosis system, you can make great savings: 2 litres of water costing only 5c. It also saves you lugging around heavy bottles of water.

Reduce plastic waste

With a reverse osmosis system, drinking water comes directly from your kitchen tap. No need for water plastic bottles anymore which makes it super environmentally-friendly.

Never run out of drinking water

It’s 1am and you wake up in the middle of the night parched. You go to your kitchen for a glass of water only to realize there’s none! With a reverse osmosis system, drinking water is available 24/7 so you will never run out of water again.

You get hot and cold water in a jiffy

Bridgepoint’s reverse osmosis comes with the option of installing a chiller and boiling system. This means that you get instantly chilled water for those hot summer months and boiling hot water to prepare your pasta salad instantly from the tap.

Smart kitchen accessory

Bridgepoint has become synonymous with aesthetically-pleasing kitchen taps. And this is no different with their reverse osmosis system. The hot and cold mixers are both functional and nice to look at.

Get money back

If all the benefits of installing the reverse osmosis system weren’t enough, you also get a VAT government rebate of up to 70 on every installation.

We think Bridgepoint’s reverse osmosis system is a great gadget for every kitchen. Not only does it change the way you consume drinking water, but it also looks fantastic in the most-used room in your home.