Italy Took The Trophy, But Maltese Memes Are The Real Winners From EURO 2020


Italy and England went into the EURO 2020 with high hopes that this would be their time to shine. England came racing out of the blocks early, but Italy wrestled back control before settling the encounter via England’s old nemesis: a penalty shootout. Whether you form part of a local tribe of Italian or English support, or ignored the final completely, one thing that can’t be ignored is the plethora of memes the tournament spawned.

A good meal & a good time

The Italian chaps from The Meatball Guys must have been having a blast yesterday…and possibly all the way throughout today and the rest of the week. Points for creativity and accuracy of this meme.

Needless to say, Chiellini hauling Saka back makes for a great meme template, while perfectly encapsulating the Italian captain’s win-at-all-costs attitude. Here are two bonus posts.

No grey areas

Did Malta’s greylisting really happen or was it just a bad dream?

Just a thought…

Following the uninterrupted celebrations that took place recently in Ħamrun, one person came up with an idea of where to stage winning parties, regardless of which team came out on top. Hard to argue with that one…

May be an image of text that says "Thoughts of england vs italy Dear all, Now that the hopes and dreams of most Maltese has become a reality (Italy vs England), albeit covid times with case numbers on the rise... Might suggest Hamrun as the party region of choice. No doubt one can anticipate a good vibe, obviously uninterrupted by the authorities. Good luck to both football teams, don't forget to maintain a safe distance to others and be sure to wear face masks in crowds. Cheers."

History lesson

With Italy conquering the continent in football terms, one memer questioned Malta’s colonial past, given the UK’s 200-year stay in the island. Would we have really been better off under Italian rule? A question for the ages…