What is ‘Isma’ Ftit’? A Look at Malta’s Most Uplifting Site.


Each year seems to be worse than the last. But 2020 really takes the cake, as the coronavirus has plunged us all into a world of uncertainty, fear and isolation. We all need a little cheering up. If so, visiting ‘Isma Ftit’ can be a soothing antidote for the toxicity.

Isma Ftit is a website that was started in 2016, with a simple aim: to spread positivity.  Their website, Facebook page and Instagram are havens for positive thoughts, quotes and articles. Things that will inspire and warm even the hardest  hearted folks.  Not only does the site aim to lift people’s spirits, but also to promote the beauty of  our own language, as all the quotes and reflections are written in Maltese.

And now, Isma Ftit have taken it a step further. They have started an exciting and intriguing new project called ‘Holqa ta’ Tama’ (link to hope). Founder Clayton Saliba tells us that the aim is “to gather every thought and reflection and put them in this virtual monument.”

The idea is that anyone can simply write a thought, a message, even a poem…really, anything positive. These writings will be saved for future generations to look at, so they can better understand what life in our time was like.

Saliba is passionate about the concept, and believes that this simple initiative will help us better appreciate what we have. It seems like the project couldn’t come at a better time. If there’s one positive thing that the coronavirus has brought is that many of us are starting to truly appreciate things we always took for granted, and rarely think about the luck we have. 

If you would like to be part of  the Holqa ta’ Tama project, log on to ismaftit.com/holqatatama.  Contributors can be of any age and can use both English and Maltese.

Why not help spread a little joy?