Is This The First Foodstore App In Malta?


The ease of ordering groceries online has taken the world by storm, and Malta’s no exception. Whether ordering via website or delivery app, there’s no doubting the comfort these developments have brought us. However, with what seems to be the first food store app in Malta just launching, could the trend be set to change already?

Elevating businesses?

Pembroke Foodstore appears to have taken the title of the first food store app on the island, on which you’ll find the usual services normally associated with shopping websites. You can view products and special offers, and adding to your basket is as easy as you’d expect.

Revealed in a LinkedIn post by app developers Perpetuum Capital, this next step in digitising businesses could be the watershed moment for other similar businesses to create apps as potential shopping points for customers alongside websites.

In the wider context, a well-developed app might actually function better and cleaner than a website and could well be the next step businesses start turning to en masse to truly make their customers’ lives easier.

Where do you prefer to do your shopping, on a website or on a mobile app?