Is This The End Of Instagram & WhatsApp? 😟


The end of Instagram and WhatsApp being owned by Facebook? Maybe, yes. We’ve long heard about how Big Tech have used their size to buy-out competition, or simply squash them to oblivion. But what’s the news behind that show-piece headline?

Monopoly’s no game

Where The Zuck is concerned, he always seems to win, but 46 US states and two territories yesterday filed lawsuits against Facebook. They allege that the social media giant illegally used their money and dominance to crush any potential competitor.

What that does is reduce the app choices available to users, and also scares off any potential rival app from even setting up, because you either get bought by Facebook, or you face issues with integrating your app with this guy’s.

The courts are being asked to stop Facebook from continuing this illegal behaviour, by decreasing major new acquisitions, and to potentially forcing it to sell major assets, including Instagram and WhatsApp. It would be a massive financial blow in the longterm, but we’re sure Mark’s pockets can take it.

Could this really be the beginning of the end for Big Tech?

What’s the word from FB?

Basically they’re saying that Instagram and WhatsApp became what they are today because of Facebook’s own investment. The company’s legal team also say that since the US government cleared those sales ages ago, there’s no need for a new investigation.

The point, however, is that they should have never happened. Eventually, it’s users like ourselves who lose out, because there’s no alternative apps to turn to. It’s just one mega platform that doesn’t need your endorsement because they have millions of others.

Zuckerberg after someone closes their account

Of course, they’re prepared to fight the legal challenge, in yet another twist in Big Tech’s fights against the courts. Will justice eventually be served? Stay tuned…

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