Is It Time For Malta To Embrace Drive-Thru Culture?


Could this be the year that Malta embraces drive-through culture, thanks to COVID? Previously limited to fast food and car washes, in 2020 we saw drive-thru COVID testing, and the Illuminated Trail at Gianpula Fields take place. Of course, Gadgets tends to think about the future, so here’s what should become drive-thru normalcy according to the team.


Think of it as the Maltese version of McDonald’s vs Burger King. There surely needs to be a drive-through option for these guys. Way too many drivers double park either across pavements or block off lanes to pick up the daily dose of pastizzi, pizza and Wudy sausage rolls. That challenge can’t be solved, so let’s flip the equation, where they don’t even need to leave their vehicle.


Sure, there was the KSU drive in weekend, but we want this to become a culture. There could be Maltese themed nights, where only Maltese-made films, or films featuring Maltese actors are shown, in a bid to increase interest in the arts. Also, it gives people something else to do during the weekend!

More healthcare

Though we might not need in bulk, we could do with some strategically placed drive-through pharmacies instead of an umpteenth petrol station. Also, dentists. If you just need a quick check-up, why the need to leave your car? Let him/her get on with the job and once you’re done, off you go. Just don’t hit the horn when their fingers are in your mouth.

Coffee shops

We’re talking real coffee shops here, none of that instant made stuff that could strip paint off walls. Though we urge you not to drink and drive (in more ways than one), you could grab your coffee, sit quietly in your car for a couple of minutes, and be on your way once your heart it content.

Take me to church…

Places inside churches is limited due to social distancing, but the truth is, according to the bible, there’s no real need for churches for God to be present. Remember, Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” And make sure to have this billboard where everyone can see it.

What do you think of our suggestions? Is there anything you’d like to see that we’ve not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!