Is Black Friday 2020 Still Happening?


Sure, it’s well over a month away, but given recent increases in COVID-19 cases locally and globally, there’s one question worth asking. No, it’s not a cure, no matter what His Trumpness says. What we’re asking is whether Black Friday is still on this 27th November. Here’s our two cents worth on the subject.

Will it be exclusively online?

In terms of safety, it’s probably be the best option, but we’re not 100% sure yet. There’s no need to close the stores if they’re still operating within safety guidelines, but we all know what happens on days like these. We need to keep in mind that only a limited number of people are allowed per store at a given time. So, it will lead to long lines. Long lines lead to frustration, which will increase two-fold if the item(s) people were waiting for are then sold out. And us Maltese are not always renowned for our patience in queues either.

The out-of-stock possibility is still there even if things go online. It’s also going to require a Herculean logistical effort from all companies taking part to make a success of the event. They’ve got to ensure no double sales happen, deliveries take place within a reasonable time, and above all, avoid any technical issues on the website.

“X’technical issues?! Ara ma tgħamillix hekk!”

That’s another question entirely. When a large amount of traffic is driven towards a single website, the sudden increase in numbers can lead to Internet fatalities. Your best bet would be to make a list of the items you want, and on the day you’re all set to purchase, rush through the site picking them out. Add to your cart and check out as quick as you can!

Black Friday creep

That’s the term used to describe Black Friday deals that start before the actual Black Friday date, and this year, it might actually come in handy. Usually kicking off a couple days before, could it be set for a longer stay? It will probably take some of the pressure off, but if there’s one thing Black Friday is synonymous with, it’s a mad rush for the best deals…so get your finger ready on that refresh button.


Also, just to give you an early heads up, expect an announcement from Gadgets sometime soon. Just typing this has got us pumped up, so stay tuned!

What do you think should happen with Black Friday? Does it need to go exclusively online this year, or shall it be split between in-store and virtual? Let us know in the comments!