iOS 14 Draining Your Battery? Here’s What To Do!


Last time we featured our favourite features from iOS 14, and while all that is fine and dandy, some users have been reporting battery issues. This issue seems to be affecting the latest Apple OS systems, with Watch OS7 not immune to sudden battery drain.

Why? And what should I do?

To be honest, we’re asking the same question still. Apple actually released a list of issues that may occur if you’ve installed the most recent iOS, ranging from missing workout route maps on the Fitness app, inaccurate amounts of data storage on Apple Watch and the battery drain mentioned earlier.

No explanation has been forthcoming as yet (kind of worrying with iPhone 12 coming soon?), but the “solution” being offered is a little bit dramatic. Erase everything. Disappear completely. Well, half of that anyway.

First of all, back up all your data to iCloud. Then unpair your iPhone and/or Apple Watch and erase all your data before restoring from the backups. Despite releasing one bug fix already, it doesn’t appear to have tackled the battery draining issue.

Hold on but stay tuned

If you’ve not updated to iOS 14 and Watch OS7, you might want to hold on a little bit longer until the all-clear is given. So keep your ear to the ground, and stay tuned to our page for Apple’s event on Tuesday 13th October where we’ll bring you all the live updates as they come through!