Introducing The Vegan Qassata To Malta & The World!


If you’re vegan, your choices of food are no longer limited as there’s a huge variety of delicious food options to choose from. However, if you’ve been craving traditional Maltese delicacies, a local recipe developer and blogger is about to satisfy those yearnings!

First of its kind

The first-ever Vegan cookbook featuring traditional and cultural recipes from around the world has just been launched. How does Malta feature exactly, though? The afore-mentioned blogger, Daniel Pisani, contributed to this project by developing a recipe for vegan Qassatat Tal-Irkotta!

He states that this particular snack reminds him of his grandmother, who would bring him a qassata every week from her village pastizzeria. And let’s face it – haven’t all our nannas handed us a nice and warm qassata with a tea on the side at some point or another?

Daniel also teases another project that he’s been secretly working on for the past year, as this project seemingly has a lot to do with adapting local recipes to a healthier and plant-based alternative. 

Healthy food, right?

If you want to purchase this book, simply head to and get your copy now! 

We wish Daniel the best of luck on his upcoming project and a big congratulations on being able to represent our tiny island with his delicious recipe!