Internet Explorer is Dead, Long Live the Memes

Internet Explorer Meme

After a long, and occasionally painful journey, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer finally has an expiry date. On 17th August, MS 365 apps stopped supporting His Lagship; on 30th November and the MS Teams web app will no longer support Internet Explorer. To honour this announcement, we’ve compiled the best Internet Explorer jokes and memes, commemorating a browser that probably won’t realise it’s dead until a couple of months later.

A Precursor for Bigger and Better

The best thing you could have ever done was download other browsers such as Google or Firefox and store Explorer as far away as possible, because gods forbid you accidentally click on it…

[1 hour later]

That dreaded moment when you DO click on that peaceful blue icon and the flow of time is completely disrupted.

Anything You Can Do…

Truth be told, a lot of us developed our artistic skills from moments like these. #GraphicDesign

The Parody Account

If something becomes a meme, expect the parody accounts to ensue. Check out this one dated August 2nd 2020.

You’d think it was the end…but you’d be wrong

Honestly, how did it survive for so long, before evolving and re-evolving?

Oh Internet Explorer, bless your tiny, slow heart. Gone, but not forgotten or missed.