Instagram Challenges YouTube With Instagram TV

IG TV instagram TV

There’s a brand new feature in the latest update of Instagram. Before today, you were limited to 15 seconds in Instagram stories, and 60 Seconds in the main feed. With Instagram’s new IGTV will allow users to upload a video up to 60 minutes long. The platform will focus on vertical videos, and as of yet, it is still not available for the desktop web version.

Everyone can be a creator on IGTV

It’s dead simple to set up a channel. You don’t even need a separate app (even though there is one). Just open up Instagram on mobile, and click the new icon next to direct messages. Press the little cog:

Setting up an IGTV Channel

And you’re ready to start posting. You can browse videos posted by those you follow, or you can explore similar content, the same as exploring works for images. There are no ads for the time being, but I’m not exactly confident it will remain that way. Because of this, there is also no way for creators to monetize their content yet.

But CEO Kevin Systrom says that they are looking for a “Sustainable” way to allow creators to monetize their content in the future. Without it, many users might be reluctant to ditch youtube for IGTV.  But it will still be useful for users who just want to simply grow or engage with their audience. We’ll have to see how IGTV is utilized by its users.

What do you think? Can IGTV dethrone Youtube? Let us know in the comments below.