Insta Stories Get Auto Subtitles & We Love Them 😍


Instagram Stories have just received, what we think, is their best update yet, that of automatically-generated captions. It’s a fantastic addition for IG users who are deaf or hard of hearing and makes the app a whole lot more accessible.

Are you eligible though?

Eventually, all users will be able to add the feature, however, Instagram works in algorithms that tend to favour users who employ all of Stories’ tools (polls, questions, etc). This means that for the time being it will be available for the app’s most avid users before being rolled out on a wider scale.

Instagram Stories adds auto-caption sticker so you can watch without sound  - CNET

You can add subs after you’ve finished recording your video by searching from the stickers section. You’ll have to enunciate your words, and even then the AI might not recognize some words correctly. When that happens, you can easily edit the word you want by tapping on it!

Instagram will now let you auto-caption Stories with just a sticker | Usa  science news

There’s currently no option to have the text highlighted for better visual contrast, but you can use the draw tool or a sticker behind the captions to make them easier to see.

A list of words from the top to the bottom of the screen that say “are you a stinky little baby?” in front of a photo of a miniature dachshund sitting on a couch.

Latest addition to the group

Apps like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams all offer auto-generated captions for during video calls. Of course, these don’t offer the opportunity to edit, but it is a step in the right direction.

TikTok also launched auto-captions for American English and Japanese as of last month. Google expanded its Live Caption feature across the Chrome browser in March, and TikTok launched automatic captions for American English and Japanese last month. Twitter announced Monday that it’s planning improvements for the captioning it offers in Spaces.