Insta-Mess: Two Chat Platforms in One


If you are anything like me, you absolutely hate using different platforms to communicate. More often than not, it leads to miscommunication. In light of this “first-world problem”, Facebook’s working towards merging all the chat platforms into a single chat application. 

While this plan has been in the pipeline for years, the first step towards achieving the above has finally been taken. Instagram has been updated to give its users the possibility of merging its chat feature with Messenger. This new update is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

While this application does not yet allow for Messenger conversations to take place via Instagram, this update adds some of the options previously available on Messenger. These include colourful chats, reactions with an emoji, and swipe-to-reply to individual messages. Cross-platform communication, on the other hand, should be enabled in the coming days. 

Should this update be welcomed by users, the next step from Facebook’s end is likely to be the merging of these two services with WhatsApp. Albeit, a report published last year revealed that WhatsApp employees are concerned that this integration might negatively affect WhatsApp’s strong encryption.