Improving Air Quality Without Using Any Tech


If there was ever a time to experiment and find a new hobby it’s now. 
Indoor gardening is one of the best ways to unwind and decorate your crib – and best of all purify the air – which let’s face it when you’re spending so much time indoors – you’re gonna need an oxygen boost. 

When we think NASA we wouldn’t associate it with indoor plants – however the research institute did a study on plant abilities to purify the air. They found that houseplants contribute quite a bit to creating a healthy home environment which is vital for our well being.

Mainly acting as air purifiers helping to remove benzene, formaldehyde and a list of other harmful to human stuff. These chemicals harm our health and could be the reason we suffer with headaches, dizziness, eye irritation and other ailments. .
To those of you green murderers out there we’re also listing some of the most difficult plants to kill in this list which them perfect for beginners. 
Here are our top 5 Indoor plants to purchase and help you breathe a whole lot better.

1. Aloe Vera

This is a healing super plant and oxygen bomb. The aloe vera plant works for burns and helps clear acne when the gel is applied topically as it has antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. Apart from this it is one of the best plants to help purify the air from chemicals.
TIP: Keep in Sunny or brightly lit area

2. Snake Plant / Mother in Laws Tongue

There’s a reason why these guys are called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue – it’s because they’re long and sharp, just like most mothers in law 🙂 These guys release oxygen at night helping you sleep better so you’re in for a great night’s sleep. Also one of the best in removing chemicals from the air. 
TIP: Don’t water too often, always wait for the soil to dry out as roots may be prone to root rot in moist soil.

3. Spider Plant

This is the perfect newbie houseplant. Resilient and nearly impossible to kill. Quiety battling toxins from the air including carbon monoxide and xylene. This is also suitable for pet owners as this is one of the few plants that is non-toxic to animals. 
TIP: The tiny spiderettes that grow from this plant can be potted helping you clean the air in multiple rooms in no time!

4. Areca Palm 

The Areca Palm not only looks cool by giving you that Summery beach paradise vibe its also great at taking in carbon dioxide, removing dangerous chemicals from the air and releasing oxygen into the air. 
TIP: Keep in the living room and water it frequently

5. The Boston Fern

This jungle looking plant is native to tropical forests and swamp areas which makes them perfect for bathrooms as they do well in low light and high humidity. Moisture from your shower will hydrate the plant meaning you won’t even need to remember to water it – unless you forget to shower. This is the top house plant for removing formaldehyde and xylene from the air. 
TIP: Keep in the bathroom, keep moist, keep out of direct sunlight. 


6. Peace Lily

“X’ghandna Lilllllyyyy!” This elegant looking plant is excellent at air filtering. They carry a lot of water from roots to leaves and releases moisture back into the room. It can increase the humidity in a room up to 5%!
TIP: Keep in the bedroom for a perfect nights sleep.