If You’re On Instagram, Things Are About To Change


Is there no end Facebook’s Insta-meddling, and an obsession to turn into an American TikTok? Apparently not. Although scrolling through Insta Reels is already TikTok-esque, Instagram Stories are about to get the same treatment. But wait, there’s more too…

Changes keep coming

In a recent interview, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said that 2020 was all about “placing a bunch of bets” in terms of the app’s look and feel. This year is more about testing before releasing changes on a wider scale, and there’s plenty to come.

Another current test on Insta Stories is the inability to share Feed posts to Stories. But more than that, in the above-mentioned interview, Mosseri stated that between Instagram’s Feed, Stories, Reels and IGTV, there are way too many video formats. Things are about to get simplified this year it would seem.

Apart from the changes in video posting, it would seem they’ll be taking aim at the profile layout, which Mosseri described as “too complicated”. Added to that, he also said “There are things to clean up, and I think that we take pride in removing things, even though we do inevitably make someone angry.”

Basically, expected changes to come, possibly hate them for a while, and then return to business as usual. Just like every other change we’ve seen on social media platforms.

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