If You Thought Apple Slowed Down Your Phone, You Were Right


Need we say anymore? Not really, but we’ll do so anyway. Apple has already agreed to pay up to $500m to iPhone users who were affected by slower phones, so this new payout is over and above that amount. Here’s what we know.

Preserving battery life

Apple’s excuse was that the iPhone 6, 7 and SE phones’ ageing software would be killing battery life, so they issued an update. What the update did was slow down phone software, which of course affected millions of users. And what do people do when their phone slows down? They buy a new one.

Although Apple, of course, denies any financial motivation for the move, anyone worth their salt will connect the dots. The terms of this $113m settlement include a deal where Apple doesn’t admit to breaking any laws but will be more open about power management updates in the future.

Do you think Apple’s move was genuine or financially-driven? Tell us in the comments.