If UFOs Came To Malta, Where Would They Stop?


UFOs have long since been a topic of fascination among us. Surely the universe is too vast for us to be alone? What would alien life look like? Are they friendly? Those are questions best left for another time. With the CIA declassifying a large number of documents, the Gadgets Team though of a more important question: where would we likely see UFOs in Malta?

Te u pastizz, ħi

One place we can surely expect to find them is at Serkin. We’d be dying for one after some supersonic travel from Gianpula, let alone after an intergalactic journey across the cosmos.

No photoshop here…

Ġgantija Temples

More than just for sight-seeing, could aliens have had something to do with the building of the temples? Those are some pretty heavy stones…

Returning to a former construction site?

Sliema stop

Despite the parking issues that beset the town, Sliema is still a must-see for any visitor. Just expect to see a double-parked unidentified vehicle. Good luck towing that!

At least their hazard lights are on

Valletta wine nights

The numerous wine bars around Valletta just add to the city’s allure, so expect some unexpected visitors from time to time.

Someone needs an out-of-this world taxi service

Mdina at night

Mdina is quite something, but night-time walks are just something else in the Silent City. Would extra-terrestrials be just as spooked though?

That’s our list, but where do you think aliens would visit in Malta? Let us know in the comments!