If Every House in Malta Had an Electric Car Charger

electric car charger in Sliema Malta public

Electric cars and vehicles are on the rise locally, as are permits for new flats and houses. The government recently improved the scheme that accompanies the registration of new electric vehicles in hopes of people switching away from fossil fuel powered cars. With less than 60 electric vehicle chargers in Malta, owning an electric car usually goes hand in hand with your own EV charger.

Although with less and less people buying traditional houses in Malta, personal car space is on the decline. This means that one can’t have their own electric car charging station at their own home, although there are multiple solutions for charging your electric car when you don’t own a garage nearby your home.

In flats or apartments

The government should impose a law that pushes the application of putting at least one electric car charging station in each block of flats that has a garage. So at least, with all the building and permits being issued, comes along a green movement and takes off one of the local’s biggest problems with electric vehicles; not having anywhere to charge them.

In houses

There could be another scheme that allows people to not pay for units consumed by their electric vehicle charging station for a set period of time. This might inspire people who do have the benefit of owning their own car space, the slight push they need to take the leap and go for a greener alternative to fossil fuel powered cars.

electric vehicle charge home garage

At the workplace

In every complex that is home to multiple offices or stores, there should be a law that states that you must have a set number of electric vehicle charging stations in order for the permit to be issued. If the complex is already built, the complex has a set time to install electric vehicle charging stations so electric vehicle owners can recharge their vehicle.

electric vehicle charging in public car park

Public places

Apart from the 50+ electric vehicle charging stations that are located at fuel stations that we have already, the government can implement a scheme that will encourage public car park owners to add charging stations within their premises. Along with this, a number of electric vehicle chargers should be implemented into normal parking spaces, in every vicinity, not just the commercialised ones.

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