Identity Malta Introduces AI-Based Biometrics Booth


Technology’s efficiency streak has struck yet again with Identity Malta’s new biometrics Booth. It’s efficient, fast, reliable, precise and up to the required standards.

As biometric kiosk technology continues to advance, more and more industries are investing in its development across a wide range of services, including passport generation and renewal!

Thanks to Speed Identity, applicants aged 12 and up can now capture their own required biometrics for their passport in a few easy steps. Just select your required passport, input your date of birth, scan the barcode on the provided application form, and let the booth do the rest.

After inputting all of your personal information, the booth instinctively adjusts itself as it guides you while it takes record of your fingerprints, captures a facial image, and takes a digital signature. Once the booth captures all live biometrics, applicants can proceed to specifically assigned desks to have their application registered and payment processed.

Although the system can be fully automated, all applicants are assisted nonetheless to ensure that they receive the proper assistance needed throughout the entire process. Just check out Gadgets’ very own Ian trying it out in one of our latest videos:

This comes after the Passport Office introduced an Online Booking System in 2022, enabling applicants  to choose their preferred day and time to submit their applications and collect their passports.

What do you predict will be the next step in digital identification and passports?