Ian’s Experience With The Oneplus 6 + Camera Samples

ian's oneplus 6 experience

A device I have been waiting for, for the last few months, arrived in my hands a bit over a week ago: The OnePlus 6. The latest and greatest flagship phone from Oneplus, that has taken Malta by storm and we’ve seen over a thousand of these devices being flown over to Malta to new users and Oneplus enthusiasts.

The first impression I had was that the design was amazing from build quality to aesthetics. Built completely from glass, this gave a new and richer feeling to the phone. Even the fact that it weighs slightly more than the Oneplus 5T gives it a richer feeling in your hand. The buttons feel stable and strong with a nice click to them, which also adds to the build quality.

Gaming on the Oneplus 6
Gaming on the Oneplus 6

The feature that annoyed me slightly was since they opted for a glass back, why didn’t they make it wireless charging capable? Apart from making the screen bigger and adding a notch, why did they decide to keep the lower bezel instead of working towards a full-screen display?

What I didn’t like were the selections of colours with regards to specifications. If I wanted the 256GB version I would need to buy it in matte black or in white (which was released 3 weeks after the launch). The AMOLED display was amazing, even though it has a slightly lower resolution than other flagship phones.

I liked the fact that you have the option to remove the notch, although I quite like it, so I kept the notch. I also liked the fact that they opted to keep the headphone jack, contrary to what other manufacturers are doing.

The battery life was great for a heavy user like myself and only found myself charging it in the evening after a day of usage.

The camera performed very well on the bit I used it, although the fact that the zoom is all digital, it becomes slightly grainy as you zoom in, especially in low light situations, even though the low light photography has improved so much from its predecessor.

Here are a few photos I took using the new Oneplus 6: (CTRL + left click image to view full resolution)

Landscape photo taken with automatic settings and natural lighting
Landscape photo taken with automatic settings and natural lighting.
Low light landscape image taken with the Oneplus 6.
Low light landscape image taken with the Oneplus 6.
Close up image, using automatic focusing.
Close up image, using automatic focusing.
Low light photo oneplus 6
Photo taken with the Oneplus 6 in low, artificial light.
selfie camera test oneplus 6
Selfie camera test on the Oneplus 6, with Ian.

Overall, the camera was great and I saw a huge improvement, especially in low lighting. all the above photos are not touched up or edited in any way.

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