I like The Way You Work It…


Almost everyone’s doing it right now, but what of the time to come when lockdown is lifted? It’s not a Netflix-infused binge we’re on about, but working from home should be the new norm, even for a few days a week, tech support permitting. Here’s why… 

1) Concentration 

Our own Daniel Kingswell would definitely vouch for working from home just to be able to concentrate more. Depends on the neighbourhood really, but working in your favourite spot with no noise (or noise of your choice) and no other disturbances allows you to slip into your zone quicker and longer. Forget getting to work an hour early to beat office noise; plug in, get down to business in your own time and stay there as long as required. 

2) Sweet Savings

Fuel, office supplies and Time the Eternal Enemy, working from home saves so much. With no traffic pre-stressing and via video calls in the comfort of your new-found style of shirt and tracksuit bottoms, there’s now no reason to leave your workspace, except to keep from jamming up. The old adage says “you’re not stuck in traffic, you are traffic”; less vehicles on the road means less pollution, so it’s a win-win for time and money saved whilst doing the environment a favour. Go you! 

3) Keep on Track 

Watching your own hours and set up might seem daunting, but get it right and you’ll find a new kind of creativity, along with motivation and management in different aspects. Since you’re now “fending” for yourself and Dave from accounts isn’t in the next room, you’ll find yourself answering your own questions, whilst becoming more concise and sensitive to others’ schedules more than before. 

4) Lucky 13 

A numbers-backed study shows that employee productivity on average increases by 13% when working from home. A Journal of Economics study published in February 2015 showed this was due to less sick days and breaks taken, along with more convenient working environments and increased job satisfaction. 

5) Beat the Costs, Win the Game 

There’s more than just office space rent; utility bills, office supplies along with possible subsidised commutes and Internet and telephone usage. We tell ourselves that business is more just about money, but it’s profit that determines success, and every little bit counts, right? 

6) Cheers to Health & Loyalty 

There’s plenty of health benefits to reap from working at home, both for employees and employers. Placing employee wellbeing first alongside the bonuses of increased productivity goes a long way towards securing loyalty within your team. Ensure everyone’s still in contact though, because nothing beats face-to-face time, even through a camera lens. 

Basically, working from home will have you concentrating more, helping Mother Earth, being more productive on various levels and saving money…and all it took was a world-wide lockdown to get it all in sync.