HSBC Warns Clients Of New SMS Scam


Another week another scam, and they’re always changing trying to catch potential victims unaware with new layouts. This one, attacking HSBC customers, is like many of its predecessors in terms of appearing benign, but harbours plenty of malicious intent.

“Simple: don’t click the link”

In a Facebook post addressing the issue, HSBC provided tips on how to avoid being caught out, and well…it’s pretty easy. “Protecting yourself is simple. Do not reply to or, click on a link from any SMS that you are not sure is genuine. If you have already received such SMS and accidentally clicked on the link please do call us.”

If you’re exhausted from hearing about scam after scam, we don’t blame you, but it seems for each one that’s reported, more appear to take its place. And with reports suggesting around 20 people are scammed almost every day in Malta, you wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is running the entire scam show for his own nefarious gains.

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Unfortunately, there’s no one individual culpable for the plethora of scams and black hacks that take place on a daily basis, which means that until an entirely innovative way of catching these criminals is created, remember to follow these simple steps and report any concerns you may have to the police and the brand in question.

A sample of the HSBC message doing the rounds can be seen below.

The scam HSBC text message.

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