How to Get a Verified Account on Instagram (Anyone Can Apply)

IG verified

Long gone are the days where you have no way of differentiating your business or personal profile from the fakes. Before, you’d just have to hope and pray that one day you get big enough to get a verified blue tick next to your Instagram username. Now, anyone can get verified on Instagram, all you have to do is apply and prove your authenticity.

How do I get that blue tick next to my username?

The same feature, that is available on Facebook and Twitter has long always been available on Instagram, although the methods of acquiring a blue tick were always a mystery. However, there is now a known way of getting that much needed blue tick, using an iOS device.

Instagram profile Gadgetsmalta

Start off by, heading to your profile and pressing the cog icon to head to settings.

Instagram account settings

After heading to settings, scroll down to right above the Business Settings tab. This will only be available to business profiles, however, you can get verified on personal accounts too. Press the button saying Request verification.

Request verification

The next step, after entering the get verified section of the app, is to actually apply. To do this, fill in your full name and attach a government-issued photo ID that clearly shows your name and date of birth.

After attaching and sending over your information, the waiting game has begun. One can only wait and hope that your profile gets verified and you acquire that vital blue tick next to your username.

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