How To Connect PlayStation Controllers To Your PC


In case, you’re wondering, it’s more than doable. Rather than doable, you can even choose whether to connect the PS4’s DualShock 4 or PS5‘s DualSense, although for now we’d suggest sticking to the DualShock. Why? The touchpad can be used as a mouse pointer, and since it’s wireless, you can sit at whatever distance you wish from your PC.

The workings

You can of course take the wired route, by connecting your controller via USB 2.0 or 3.0 to your computer. You’ll need Windows 10 or macOS Catalina or more recent for Apple computers.

For the wireless option, you’ll need to have Bluetooth in-built into your system, or use a normal USB Bluetooth dongle. To begin, just press and hold the PS button and Share button at the same time for a few seconds. The light bar will begin flashing, and from there, you’re in business.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your PC and scan for new devices, and the controller should appear as “Wireless Controller“. Once you click that, the lightbar should switch to a nice blue. You’re even further in business now!

As a side note, when connecting to a Windows system, make sure you select the “Bluetooth” option, when asked what kind of device you want to connect. You’ll be tempted to go for “everything else”, but that’s not it.

Dual Sense

The process is relatively the same for the PS5 controller – you’ll need a USB-C to standard USB wire though. Just connect the C end to your controller and the other to your device, and you’re set to go.

For Bluetooth, just press and hold the PS and Create buttons, and once the light starts flashing, follow the same process detailed above. Of course, keep in mind that the DualSense is not supported by too many games at this stage.

Launched in late 2020, it’s no surprise really, and games-platform Steam is releasing updates to facilitate pairing this model of controller. You’ll just have to be a bit patient for now, as not all the advanced features will be usable. Expect Uplay and Epic to follow suit shortly too.

Will you be using these controllers with your PC, or are you keyboard & mouse all the way? Let us know in the comments!