How The Malta Film Industry Can Boost The Economy


Earlier this week the Malta Film Commission met with the Malta Business Chamber to discuss the opportunity that this industry brings. Though the previous scenario was more “seasonal”, as Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech put it, there’s an opportunity to raise Malta’s standards to unprecedented levels.

Renewal is highly important

“It is the first time that we are reaching out to the Malta Business Chamber,” said Johann. “Going back to 2020, where we had 8 active months, in which the Maltese film industry generated around €32 million, which is no joke.” Imagine what could be done with a full uninterrupted year with no COVID restrictions.

“The plan is to achieve multiple back-to-back productions, which means that work is not seasonal and work is there to stay”, he further explained. “Renewal is highly important so that we keep competing and ensure that we meet our vision of making Malta a world-class filming industry.”

Apart from crew members, there was also an increase in film-making companies and there’s a view for the building of sound stages, which are a guarantee of jobs and every-day work.

A word from the Chamber

President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce David Xuereb was also in attendance, and it would suffice to say that he was impressed by what he heard and saw. “We were impressed not just by the facilities that we saw, but also the opportunities this industry brings in terms of expanding Malta’s economy.”

These appear to be good times for the Maltese film industry, with “Luzzu” performing well internationally, while Apple TV series “Foundation” is being filmed in Malta. Director Michael Malone back in January described the Malta Film Commission as “just incredible”.