How Apple’s iOS 14 Blocks Facebook Ads


It’s been quite the turbulent start to the year for Facebook and some of its subsidiaries (we’re looking at you, WhatsApp), especially in terms of data privacy. Now, it appears even Apple has had enough of Facebook’s ads experience.

iOS 14 saves the day

Apple’s latest software update, iOS 14, will provide prompts asking iPhone users whether they want to share their info for ad tracking. This is not limited to just Facebook, but plenty of applications. When opting out, ads will become less personal, less effective and possibly less intrusive. For businesses, it means it will be more difficult to reach their desired audiences.

Apple rumored to delay upcoming advertising privacy feature in iOS 14

On the app developers’ side, increased transparency about how data is collected and what it will be used for is the next step. It’s set to change the way online advertising is done, especially the Facebook model. It relies heavily on tracking people’s online behaviour and creating an ad environment that suits the user.

Facebook’s response

Of course, the social media giant isn’t too happy, but for once it’s faced with a threat it can’t buy-out. Instead, it’s had to respond by testing and sending prompts of its own to find other ways of tracking info.

In more technical terms, Facebook will begin processing pixel conversion events to “support efforts to preserve user privacy and help run effective campaigns”. Basically, to find out the new landscape, Facebook will provide continuous tips, updates and various resources to support the businesses advertising on the platform.

Will you be opting out of info sharing for ad tracking?