HouseHold items that can be HACKED


As devices get smarter and smarter, they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. With technology evolving everyday; hackers are also adapting to the new technology and innovations.

  1. Smart Thermostats and Electric Meters
    Smart home thermostats adjust according to the time of day, power deman and internet powered commands. After getting into the network, not much security lays ahead. Hackers will be able to see whether residents were awake, asleep or out of the house; this was made even easier when microphones were introduced to some smart thermostats.
  2. Bathroom Scales
    At a hacker conference, researcher Michael Coppola showed that you can hack into a WiFi-ready digital scale in order to track the user’s weight loss and sell data about the user’s weight loss to companies.
  3. Smart TV
    These are very similar to smartphones, harnessing a camera and microphone and may be hacked like smartphones can. Just with the Smart TV harnessing less security although Samsung have since patched the security holes.
  4. WiFi Routers
    This is definitely the most vulnerable device in your home although it harnesses the most power. He who controls the router, controls the network and could use this to get into other devices that may be connected on the same network in order to snoop in on your for malicious reasons.
  5. Security Cameras
    We can’t stress changing the default administrative password enough (this applies to number 4 too). A hacker could get into your network and know your every move by simply finding out the make and model of your router or other device and take control of all your devices for different reasons.
  6. Your Front Door
    Electronic keypads and wireless remote security in the past where only something businesses would use. Nowadays there are innumerable amounts of electronic security systems and if not installed correctly with the due amount of care needed; can quickly pose a threat.
  7. Baby Monitors
    That super advanced baby monitor you felt good about investing in; could have been a bad idea. WiFi ready baby monitors can be quickly turned into microphones to listen to your every word by simply getting into your home network (again).