Hooking Up In The Age Of Apps


There’s an app for almost every action we take, from exercise to monitoring sleep. Hooking up of course is no exception, with a multitude of options in that department. Though some of us might still opt for the old school approach, here’s how you can set up a date completely via apps.

Stoking the fire

You’ll first need to match with a potential partner, using one of either these apps, or the newly launched Facebook Dating. Use your smoothest of one-liners before sliding into the DMs on Facebook or Whatsapp. Keep chatting until there’s nothing left but to meet face to face.

Once you get the realisation that you’re meeting this new person, you realise the last time you exercised is but a bitter memory. Cue Apple Fitness+ or Android’s FitNotes to help you get back into some shape before meeting up.

Raising the flames

OK, so the date for the date is set. Where to go? You can check out TripAdvisor for restaurant ratings, and after that, head to Bookia‘s app. It’s a service that allows you to search for restaurants and wine bars and book your table, without having to call.

With the time and place chosen, it’s all about getting there. Drinking and driving do not go together, so book yourself a cab through Bolt or eCabs and be on your way, safely.

Enjoy the heat

Dinner was lovely, and you had a great time. Once the bill arrives, there’s Revolut’s split-bill function that has you both covered, before heading home…together? 😏

That’s the tech-way of setting up a human connection completely via mobile phone apps.

Is it for you, or are you more the old-school type? Let us know in the comments!