The Home School Survivor Pack: Online Resources You’ll Love


The news that schools in Malta will now remain closed until the start of the next scholastic year may make some parents want to head straight for the liquor cabinet.  But don’t drink your sorrows away yet. Because, while homeschooling kids can seem challenging, you’ll find there’s a lot online to make it fun, exciting and easy. Here is our pick of 7 online resources for homeschooling for you to use with your children.

1) Duolingo

The great thing about Duolingo is that this app turns learning languages into a game, one with levels to complete and medals to win, and can easily get kids hooked. Duolingo offers courses on almost any language you can think of.


2) Audible

With school libraries and bookstores closed, it’s important to have an app that provides a wealth of books. Audible offers an extensive selection of audiobooks for kids to listen to, read by some very famous actors and actresses. Why not try Matilda, read by Kate Winslet?


3) Oxford Owl

Unlike Audible, Oxford Owl  provides books online for free, with an age range from 3-11. This includes the much loved stories of Chip, Biff and Kipper, familiar faces to school kids, as well as classics like Treasure Island and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


4) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an exceptional site, with a simple mission: offering free education to anyone, anywhere. It has a variety of courses, but is especially extensive for maths. Khan Academy has also partnered up with organizations like the Museum of Modern Art  and NASA to provide lessons on art history and astronomy.


5) BBC Bitesize

BBC can always be trusted to provide safe and high quality content for kids, and BBC Bitesize, their free educational site, does not disappoint. IIt also caters to a wide age range, including Primary, Secondary and Higher Learners. While it’s modelled on the British Curriculum , there’s still plenty for Maltese kids and teens to learn from here, and even includes fun online games.


6) Ted Ed

While following a curriculum is important, so is inspiring curiosity and  a love for learning. TedEd is perfect just that. You’ll find a huge choice of eye-opening videos and animations, as well as powerful talks from expert speakers. Just scrolling through their collection would make anyone hungry for knowledge, whatever the age.

7) SkillShare

While SkillShare offers a variety of classes, it’s particularly great for those in arts, crafts and design. From simple cartooning and painting for younger kids, to more professional animation and design classes for those in their teens, SkillShare is free and easy to use. It’s perfect for creative parents too.