Local Designer Paves The Way For The Slow Fashion Revolution


About 92 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away around the world every year. And most of this consists of clothes that are either dumped in landfills or otherwise burned. Only a small fraction of these unwanted clothes are recycled. If fast fashion pursues, we can expect the amount of textile waste to increase to around 134 tonnes.

Having said this, the circular economy model is having a positive impact as sustainability now stands as one of the core values within most industries, including fashion.

Local fashion designer GABE is setting an example.

Slow fashion is fashionable

Gabriella Lukacs is a Hungarian designer who has been living in Malta since 2016. Though sustainable fashion is slowly gaining in popularity in Malta, we’re still far behind. For GABE, the idea of sustainable fashion gives her the possibility to pave the way for the slow fashion revolution.

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Her fashion brand GABE features a variety of unique fashion items including accessories, bags and clothing that are mostly made from leftover materials.

Be part of the revolution

We have talked to Gabriella to understand what inspired her to follow the slow fashion trend and why is it important to her.

“I grew up surrounded by nature and with a family that respected the natural world. That was definitely my founding influence. Another great impact was when I saw a documentary called ‘True Cost’ that revealed the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry. I didn’t want to be part of the harm caused to our surroundings and that is why I chose to work my clothes sustainably.”

– Gabriella Lukacs

Gabriella continues to explain how the act of producing sustainable clothing creates a holistic cycle in its own right, as it gives people a choice – to purchase sustainable fashion and contribute to a better world.

We at Gadgets support both talented and sustainable-oriented artists. Visit GABE and see what she has to offer.