Hi, Speed: Apple’s October Event


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Too Long, Didn’t Read

  • iPhone 12 with OLED screen announced
  • iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max
  • 5G & A14 Bionic chip make it the fastest iPhone ever
  • Largest displays for iPhone to date
  • HomePod Mini available at $99
  • No room for AirPods Studio, Tags, HomePod 2 or new Macs


Well, that’s a wrap from us. In summary, the iPhone 12 has 4 different models but they’re all really cool. The HomePod Mini is a fantastic little addition to the HomePod family, and quite possibly, to yours too. We’ve got a while longer to wait for more updates about AirPods, Tags and Macs.

Over and out!


Indeed it is. 1 hour flew by, but there’s plenty to digest nonetheless. The HomePod Mini is looking like a nice Christmas present. But the iPhone 12’s capabilities (across the whole family) are looking like pace setters.


Tim: “Wow, what an amazing day.”

Wait, does he mean this is over?



Quick video about the 12 Pro and constant mention of 5G…we’re guessing we’re not going to talk about the screen refresh rate. Jon Prosser gets to keep his Twitter account after all.


Telling us what we pretty much already know about 5G, particularly the speedy transfer of files. It’s life-or-death-level useful in medical situations. Cheers guys.


They’re currently showing the video recording capabilities. This is incredible. Movie making could be taking a new twist with this.


Back to Joss. Honestly, no one does announcements quite like Apple. In the meantime, this photo was taken raw.


Best camera ever, he tells us. Can zoom in like never before. It provides an 87% improvement in low-light capture, as well as improved stabilisation.


Pro Max as described by Andrew, apparently…after some more pulsing music.


Largest iPhone display ever. That metallic look tho…


iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max coming up. 3 cameras at the back too.


There it is, $699. Not too bad for a 5G, A14 chip-powered iPhone.


Video’s dope, showing the phone bouncing around. This song is going onto the workout playlist. There. I said it.


There it is! The iPhone 12 Mini is here! Large screen + compact size with no loss of performance. Again, nice. Time for the funky musiiiiiiic.


So, the power adapter was taken out to save the environment. OK? OK?!


Environmental news coming up. By 2030, Apple are aiming for net 0 emissions across all their operations. Clean.


Wow, there’s a night-mode photo taking feature. Check out this photo taken without flash. Noice. Expect bigger and better stuff to come through.


Most viewed game in the world, League of Legends is coming to iPhone 12. Why? Because the chip is strong enough to take it. Yes, a PC game available on a phone. Now you can game anywhere, no Wi-Fi required! Good to see a gamer girl being given some prominence too.


The new A14 Bionic chip is what’s behind the superb power behind iPhone 12. More technical, but in summary, it’s the fastest GPU in any smartphone. Up to 50% faster than the competition. Boom.


Ceramic shield improves toughness while maintaining clarity. It’s stronger than any smartphone glass – 4 times more likely to avoid damage when falling out your pocket.


We got black, white, product red, green and blue! 11% thinner too than iPhone 11.



COVID-19 may have left the more crowded areas kinda blank, but Verizon have taken the opportunity to extend their coverage of 5G across the nation. “It’s the start of something BIG” answers Tim.


Hans Vestberg joins us, as chairman and CEO of Verizon. He looks overjoyed to be with us!


He’s talking about 5G networks coming to iPhone…so expect the announcement about iPhone 12 in the next few minutes.




Wow. The home intercom feature means you can send a voice message through Siri and HomePod Mini – like asking who’s hungry – and will play on paired speakers around the house. Push notifications will be sent on any paired phones too! Order November 6th at $99…that’s about €85? Awesome.


Siri’s going to be an all-rounder, and polite as always. Siri can recognise the voices of each household member. So every different voice gets a different response even for consecutive questions.


Later this year there’s going to be something new – the HomePod Mini will understand if your iPhone is close, creating a unique experience. Siri’s more than just about music they’re telling us.


There’s an acoustic waveguide, which means you can play the HomePod Mini and get the same sound everywhere. Pretty cool, huh?


Tim Cook’s giving it the big intro to the HomePod Mini. They need to be easy to use, work better together seamlessly as well as secure. Thanks Tim.

19:00 And it’s live!

Don’t you just love the business-like-yet-funky music as we zoom around Apple Park? Not adding to my playlists any time soon, but it does set the mood.


18:55 Fine then

Apparently you can stop this poet with promises of food. Just professional reporting from here on out.

18:52 If the price is right

What are your price estimates for the 4 variations of the iPhone 12? Apple Insider have been very considerate in putting it into a lovely table, which we’ll graciously share with you too since we’re able.

You can’t stop poetry or this poet.

18:48 Almost…

We’re nearly there. You can almost feel the virtual expectation of every tech page and Apple fan from around the world pushing Father Time himself forward.

My colleague’s telling me I’m being too poetic. Should I stop?

18:44 Hi, Speed, cool pun

As a pun-lover, this phone pun rings true. Reason Apple have gone for “Hi, Speed” as their tagline is for the phone’s super-fast 5G capabilities. There were rumours that the iPhone 12 would be running a refresh rate of 120hz, but that’s been put to bed apparently. Why? Here’s Apple-whisperer Jon Prosser with the reason why.

He’s feeling pretty confident about it too…

18:41 Cool features vs battery drain

Two weeks ago we told you what we loved about the snazzy new features iOS 14 brought to us, but they weren’t without issues.

A number of complaints around the globe came through that battery life was being drained. Apple issued a bug fix, but it didn’t really seem to solve the issue. The solution to that? Wipe your phone’s data and restore it.

18:34 Blast from the recent past

It’s already been a month since Apple’s previous event where they launched the Watch 6, iPad Air and iPad mini. Here’s what we made of it back then.

18:30 Welcome!

Today’s the day for Apple’s much-awaited October event. We’re bringing you live coverage of each major development as it comes out of Apple’s big virtual do. We’re expecting all 4 models of iPhone 12 to be launched, but before that, a quick recap of what we know and what we like!