Here’s Malta’s 2020 Favourite Kitchen Gadget


You’d never guess which gadget our followers picked as the most popular Kitchen appliance! Do you agree with them?

We’ve all got loads of essential gadgets in our kitchen cupboards and drawers which help us get our Gordon Ramsay on. 
The results generated from our audience surprised us and we didn’t expect the number 1 most rated appliance to be…..

Here are the TOP 5 gadgets 

#5 – Smoothie Maker or Blender

Nothing beats a fresh smoothie, good to see so many people are opting for a healthy lifestyle

“My Nutribullet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and start the day with a nutritious smoothie 😊”


#4 – Microwave

Just like the above point, microwaves are great when we’re lacking time and need to heat up leftovers

“Definitely the microwave! It is so useful in the kitchen, I can’t live without it 😊”


#3 – Slow Cooker

Makes sense considering our busy lifestyles and no time to cook proper meals in the evening

“I love my multi functional crockpot!! I use it from steaming rice and eggs to making stews and my own stock ❤️”


#2 – Coffee Machine

Who doesn’t love a great tasting espresso to get the day going

“My favourite gadget is the Dolce Gusto as I really love coffee ☕ and this makes my life easier 😍”


And in first place …. Malta’s favourite Kitchen gadgets is….
🥁🥁🥁 Drum roll 🥁🥁🥁


A Cake Mixer

Clear to say cakes and bakes are in everyone’s heart in Malta

“This Kenwood belonged to my mum. It must be 50 years old and still does its job perfectly!”


The most original answer of all comments received on Gadgets Facebook post has got to go Shirley who surprisingly replied with ‘my Alexa’ which which she claims ‘playing all my favorite music , she tell me any recipes I ask for , she also converts any weights from lb to oz , and she is also my cooking time’.

Gadgets recently teamed up with the well known TKS – The Kitchen Store and shared a Facebook competition asking our audiences to post a photo of their favourite kitchen gadgets. The lucky winner was Lea Baldacchino, who won a €50 voucher to be used at TKS.