Here’s How To Enjoy Christmas If You’re Staying In!


After news that we’ll be receiving the first round of COVID-19 vaccines in January, it’s safe to say that the best way to enjoy Christmas this year is indoors. If that seems like a downer for some of you, here’s how to make it more enjoyable!

Bring out the arts & crafts

Sometimes it’s not all about tech – there’s no school like the old school, after all. There’s fun for the whole family to be had with certain activities. Turn cookie jars into snow globes with some easy designs or make your own personalised holiday display with your family photos.

There’s also a multitude of games to enjoy together. From reindeer ring toss to indoor scavenger hunts; board games and Christmas-themed musical statues, there’s enough to keep everyone occupied leading up to and on the day. And if you’ve got a bunch of old Christmas cards that you feel bad throwing away, repurpose them into a variety of decorations!

In with the new

On the techier side of the coin, there’s plenty of fun too. The way video call apps have improved means you can do more than a standard chat. You can host a virtual cookie bake-off with friends, play charades with the other callers, as well as perform virtual Christmas karaoke. Record the event if possible, as you’ll surely want to see it later in 2021. Lest we forget, ugly Christmas sweaters remain standard for any of the above.

Get your Christmas playlist sorted from now – Spotify’s got all the answers

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get your kids, or uninitiated friends, interested in the arts. There will be streaming or playbacks of musicals, ballets and concerts to go with the classic Christmas movies. Also, since kids won’t have their traditional school Christmas play, get them to act out famous movie scenes at home, and keep the fun going.

Speaking of art, you can easily get creative with apps like Paint and Canva (to keep it simple) and design your own personalised Christmas cards. For pure entertainment, you can also have gaming sessions: parents vs kids, mixed teams or free for all! Games like Fall Guys, Crash Team Racing and Overcooked are great for everyone and all ages.

Will you be doing any of the above activities? Let us know in the comments, and suggest your own!