Here Are The Top 5 Innovations Unveiled At CES That Are Hitting The Market In 2023


The largest tech event of the year has hit Las Vegas once again! Every year, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) hosts a major event that gives smaller companies an opportunity to highlight their latest innovation or product for some extra media attention.

Geoff Quattromani, the host of the Technology Uncorked Podcast, spoke to us with some honourable mentions from CES 2023, including a smart pillow that stops you from snoring, a bird feeder with a camera to help you identify visiting birds, and a smart health product that takes urine samples from your toilet to give you bodily insight.

As you can tell, the event showcases different companies like manufacturers, developers, and suppliers, and here are our top 5 picks of innovations and product releases!


From the Baird Televisor in the 1920s to the rise of high-definition TVs today, televisions have undeniably advanced significantly since their inception – and so has their wall mounting.

Over recent years, LG picked up on the aesthetic issue that peripheral products like gaming consoles reveal ugly cabling. That’s where the LG OLED M comes in, which uses wireless transmission to send audio and video to the TV. A small box can be placed anywhere in your living room with all your consoles and features like Apple TV connected to it. Think of it as the Samsung One Connect without the wire marrying the box to the display – or as LG calls it, Zero Connect.

Samsung AI Washing Machine

Thanks to modern technology, AI has advanced its systems to a point where it can do things better and faster than humans can, and that now includes our laundry!

Many of us tend to chuck our dirty clothes in the washing machine, pick a cycle, and then eye the detergent or washing powder. In a bid to solve both problems, Samsung is releasing a smart washing machine that will detect fabric types; measure how filthy they are; determine and use the correct amount of detergent; and perform the best cycle for the garments inside.

Hisense Smart Mini Projector

Hisense is bringing the cinematic experience to our homes with this powerful project that allows you to watch a movie on a 100-inch display by simply pointing it to a wall, a hanging blanket, or even the ceiling!

The smart projector has built-in applications and speakers to make it the only device you need to take with you for that perfect movie night anywhere, anytime.


Tired of traffic and late Gozo ferries? How about a flying car from ASKA? Yep, our Back to the Future dream is coming true with this latest invention!

This drone has wings and propellers that fold into itself, making it the size of a car that you can drive, park, and travel as you please – and when you’re ready to go where there aren’t any roads, the ASKA A5 will fly you up to 250km away before needing a recharge.

XRAI Glasses

Subtitle lovers, this one’s for you. These smart glasses take subtitles and add them to everyday life: from the words people say to you to the words on television. Not only are the XRAI glasses ideal for those with poor hearing, but they can also perform translation for 26 languages, allowing you to travel with ease!

Geoff Quattromani is the host of the Technology Uncorked podcast. Continue the conversation with Geoff on Twitter at @GQuattromani. Geoff travelled to CES in Las Vegas with support from Samsung, LG, Hisense, and HERE Technologies.