Have You Heard Eminem’s Pro-Feminism Song?


Except, of course, he never even sang the song. Or wrote down the lyrics. It’s all been done through artificial intelligence. Whether it’s morphing politicians’ faces into singing songs, bringing people back from the dead or solving climate change issues, there’s an endless possibility for the uses of AI.

What’s the song about?

Although the message is intended to be positive, it appears that Eminem’s voice was used without permission. So, where does it leave the rest of the world with this tech available? Can anyone’s image, name and voice be used to spread a particular message? Positive or not, the morality of it is certainly up for debate.

The quality of lyrics is questionable at best, and Kanye’s appearance is cringe-y, but it’s still a pretty good shot for an AI. While no one’s envisaging this bot taking on the real “M”, it does at least allow room for the discussions of feminism and AI ethics to take place in the same room.

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